Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trying to figure this out!

Ok, so Mommy is trying to figure out how to do this whole blogging thing. From what I've observed she isn't very computer savvy (that's what Daddy is for). This blog will be from my perspective most of the time, but since I can't type yet Mommy will be helping quite a bit.
We have decided to start this blog to help Mommy and Daddy remember what goes on in our world and to keep track of me and all my changes.
I spend most of my day eating, playing, chewing on my fist, sleeping and hanging out with people. Life is Good!
Mommy is a substitute teacher and is still trying to find a full time job teaching.
Daddy is a full time graduate student getting his Masters in Music Conducting and working as a graduate student for the bands.
Our blog will be filled mostly with pictures and accounts of special events in our lives.

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  1. Well, your blog already looks better than mine. I have no idea how to make my own background etc. I'm so glad you have a blog!