Monday, March 8, 2010

The time Mommy almost burnt down the house

I've only been around a few months, but I have already learned how to know when dinner is ready. When dinner is ready there is this 'bell' that goes off. The bell sounds like this "FIRE, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, FIRE!" Every time that goes off, Mommy says "dinner's ready".

Yesterday was a long day for Mommy and I hadn't been the best baby around-I mean really who wants to nap on a beautiful day? I just wanted to holler at the world. Mommy doesn't seem to enjoy my screams so much.

Anyways, it was 3pm and Mommy was just getting to making some lunch for herself. Daddy was at school and I had FINALLY fallen asleep for the first time all day. Mommy made a sandwich, threw some fries in the oven, checked on me in the crib (I was so cute sleeping away) and went outside to empty the trash and try to clean the car out. Mommy came inside to get a trash bag and smelled smoke, at that moment the 'dinner bell' started going off. "FIRE, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, FIRE!" Mommy ran in the kitchen to see flames shooting out the oven, smoke filling the house, Stella Dog barking and running around the house excited the 'dinner bell' had gone off and I woke up screaming. I mean really how dare Mommy eat without me!

Mommy shut the stove off, grabbed me, threw me in the car seat and placed me on the porch. She then went inside opened the back door to get the smoke out and grabbed the fire extinguisher to put the fire out. By this time I was mad as can be that I was woken up from my beauty sleep and put outside, Stella Dog was running around the front yard excited that she was aloud out front and Mommy was coughing from the smoke.

Mommy figured out that the fire started because Daddy put some plastic handled grill tools in the bottom compartment of the stove. Daddy didn't realize that it wasn't a storage compartment but a broiler. Therefor when Mommy started the oven, the flames set the plastic on fire. Lesson learned: don't mix plastic and fire!

Thankfully it all worked out and no one was hurt, yes we may not have a stove that works anymore (we'll find out tomorrow when the repair man comes by) but Mommy is very glad that the 'dinner bell' worked and that Daddy made sure there was a fire extinguisher in the hallway.

Lucky for me, bottles don't need a stove to be prepaired. :)


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  2. Yep, Daddy's an idiot!!! Sorry Monkeybutt!!!