Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My best friend

I love many people and have lots of friends. I mean Mommy and Daddy are the bomb-digity and Grandma,Grandpa,Nana and Papa are some of the coolest people around. Lucy Jewel almost makes the best friend mark, but to be honest my best friend doesn't stand on two feet, but uses all four to get around.

My best friend is Stella Dog... Just look at her isn't she awesome?
Stella and I have had a special bond since before I was born. Mommy says that once she found out that I was growing inside her Stella started following her around. She used to only sit next to Daddy on the couch but she soon started laying on the couch by Mommy, even following her into the bathroom when she had to pee.

The morning I was born, Stella made sure she told me she was ready for me to come home. Just look at this picture, isn't it just too sweet!Once I was born Stella was so excited to meet me. I slept in a pack and play in Mommy and Daddy's room at first and Stella would sleep right next to it. When I woke up to eat, she'd follow Mommy into the living room and lay by her feet as I ate. If I started to cry, Stella would come running to find out what was wrong and if Mommy or Daddy didn't respond quick enough to my cries Stella made sure they knew I was crying by running to find them. ::Back off, this is my kid::

Also, when we go for car rides, Stella used to look out the window but since I've been born she lays down in the back and keeps guard of me and my car seat.Every time I take a nap, Stella will nap next to my crib in my room and watches everything Mommy does as I get my diapers changed. She also loves to give me kisses and licks my hands, feet, face and head. :)
But my favorite thing Stella does it play with me on the carpet.
When I am on my play mat, Stella lays on the ground next to me watches everything I do. I can now reach out and grab at her and she doesn't mind my pulling on her ears or kicking her as I work out my leg muscles. ::Notice that my legs are moving so fast they blurred the picture::

I love my Stella dog and am so glad that I already have a best friend: who says that a dog is a Man's best friend, My dog is a Girls best friend. :)

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