Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy is Sick

Mommy is sick, like really sick. She has this thing called Strep. Apparently strep is a sickness that doesn't allow Mommy to hold me, feed me or even kiss me. :( Strep is no fun at all! I miss Mommy... a lot, but Grandma has been taking care of for two days now so it's ok. :) I love hanging out with her. She is a lot of fun and always gives me the best kisses! We have been playing a lot and I like the crib at her house just as much as my crib at home so it's all good. I got to spend my 4 month birthday at Grandma's house (Mommy was sad about this) and Mommy will be helping me with my 4month blog in a few days when she is better.

Mommy's fever broke this morning so I get to come home tomorrow! I am so excited! I miss her so much! Daddy would take care of me today but he has school stuff all day long today-I thought Saturdays were Lauren days?!? One thing for sure I am ready to have both my Mommy and Daddy all to myself again (I'm sure they are ready to have me and my smiles back too).

I mean who wouldn't miss this face?