Thursday, March 4, 2010


When Mommy and Daddy found out they were having a girl (that's ME!) Mommy got excited about all the accessories that she would be able to put on me. Daddy wasn't to keen on the idea but was ok getting one, maybe two bows for me.
My First Bow

Well, three and a half months after my arrival....

Yes, I love bows! I also think the bigger the better! No, I don't want to be seen from space, but I do want to stand out in a crowd. :) Nana and Papa make fun of me and bug Mommy about all the bows, but I think they secretly love them too. Yes, I know a bow is not a necessity but I think a bow on a headband sets my entire outfit apart from the all to typical babies out there.
Well, now to the real reason I have been writing about one of my all time favorite things. My 'friend' Gigi's mommy over at As the Forest[e] Grows is hosting a fantastic bow giveaway! Wouldn't it be GREAT if I won all these fantastic bows?

They would fit right into my collection and look great with all of Nana's fantastic dresses she will be making me. :)

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