Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Monday was a special day. Mommy and Daddy told me all about how we have the freedom to do what we want here in America because of the amazing men and woman who have fought for our freedom. I am so thankful for all they did cause I enjoy the fact that I can swim naked if I want.

We went to Nana and Papa's house for the Long weekend. We had a great time, filled with great food (I tried watermelon and avocados for the first time) and lots of naps (for both me and Mommy). We also got some pictures taken on Great Grandpa's '51 International truck. It was pretty cool getting to sit up on the hood for pictures. Mommy and Nana were kinda nervous and wouldn't get too far away from me, I guess they thought I might jump off or something. Daddy did such a great job taking pictures, don't you think. :)

On Monday afternoon Mommy, Daddy and I went to visit Great Grandma's gave and we placed flowers on a few of the soldiers' graves. Mommy wants me to learn to respect and honor those who gave their life for us.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day in My Life

Well Daddy is done with school for the summer and Mommy only has two more weeks left of work before she is done for the summer so my days are about to be filled with 100% ME time. Mommy will get to spend all day long with me, with nothing to do but play and feed. Cause i mean really who needs clean dishes and laundry.

Some people wonder where I spend my days while Mommy is at work. Well, before Daddy finished school I would spend Monday and Wednesday with my Great Auntie and Thursday and Friday with my Grandma and Daddy made sure he had no classes on Tuesday so he stayed with me that day.
Now that Daddy is done with school my schedule is a bit different.

6:00am: I wake up for a bottle. Daddy usually feeds me while Mommy jumps in the shower. Daddy is great like that and Mommy is so glad he is does it.

6:30am: Finished bottle. Daddy goes back to bed and Mommy and I hang out for a bit. Mommy saw my first crawl on one of these mornings while she ate her Eggo and did her hair and talked to me. (she is the queen of multi-tasking)

7:15am: If Daddy is sleeping I go back to bed and just play in my crib. If he is up we watch morning news together as Mommy runs around doing last minute things for the day. Now that I'm crawling I usually chase Stella dog during this time.

7:25am: Mommy leaves for work.

7:25-10:00am: I play and sometimes I take a nap. If Daddy has music stuff to work on we go up to the college and I play there. I've lot lots of friends (yeah, I have college friends-I'm cool like that).

10:00am: Second bottle of the day.

10:45-11:00am: Daddy tries to put me down for a nap. I'm pretty 50/50 on the whole nap thing. Some days I love taking a nap and will nap for 2 hours, other days; not so much.

11:00-2:00pm: If i don't nap I'll just play. I get passed from one person at College to the next. I enjoy chewing on their clothes. Everyone that holds me ends up with a slobbery mess. It's my sign of love. :) I spend most of my time around the music department so Daddy is confident I'll grow up to be an amazing musician.

2:00pm: My third bottle of the day. I love to eat. Mommy and Daddy laugh cause I get so excited when I see the formula container. I'll start bouncing in their arms out of excitement. seriously y'all it is too cute!

2:30pm: If I haven't had a nap today Daddy and I will usually go home so I can sleep in my crib. If I have had a nap Daddy will keep working on his music and I'll play some more in his office.

4:15pm: Mommy gets home! If I'm still at College with Daddy, Mommy will come pick me up. Mommy and I will hang out for a few hours. She'll tell me about her day. (those school kids are crazy y'all)

6:00pm: I get my 4th and final bottle of the night. Mommy feed me and then we cuddle on the couch for a bit. I also hang with Daddy after my bottle. We love watching Mythbusters together. Jamie and Adam are so funny.

6:30pm: Bed time. I typically fall right to sleep or sometimes I will play with toys in my crib for a bit, but there are days that I am a holly terror and want nothing to do with bed at all. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH in no way am I going to go to bed. I will scream and holler till the neighbors hear me if I don't want to sleep. On those nights I stay up til 10:00pm and get an extra bottle.

Once I fall asleep I'm out for the night until 6:00am when it starts all over again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vlog #3

Mommy and I have decided that we are too lazy to actually blog today, but we wanted to say hey and chat for a while so here's a vlog :) Enjoy!

Oh and Mommy wants y'all to know that fastly is indeed a word ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Mommy will write all about my major milestones in my 6th month, but for now we will just leave you with a few 6 month photos.

Look I won something! (I didn't even know I entered it)

Well well well. Look what mommy and I won. :) Our fabulous friends over at The Pretend Writer honored us with the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you! I am socked that I was honored with this award since I don't blog very often, but we love it anyways :) She is one of Mommy's twitter friends and is pretty fantastic :)

In order to accept this award Mommy and I have to do a few things:

Thank the person who gave you this award. ::ckeck::
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

So 7 things about me? Wow, since I'm only 6 months old that's going to be kida hard, but I'll do it non the less :)

1. I have started crawling. Actually it's more of an army crawl cause i can't get both my arms and legs to work together. Either way, I can move pretty well and love to chase after Stella Dog.

2. I have more than doubled my weight since birth. I don't know my exact weight cause when Daddy took me to my 6 month checkup he forgot to write my weight down. I know I am at least 17lbs tho (yes, I am a chunky monkey)

3. I will only take naps in my crib when we are at home. Mommy is always showing me pictures of other babies asleep on their mommies, sleeping on the ground or in a jummperoo. HA! Unless you place me in my crib it is not nap time (sometimes even if I am in my crib I decide it's not nap time.)

4. I am going to be a drummer when I grow up. Don't tell Daddy cause he doesn't think drummer are very smart but I love to beat on thing and I actually tap and stomp on beat to any music you play. (Thanks Mommy for putting headphones on your belly every night for me)

5. Mommy and Daddy call me Monkey. Only rarely do I hear my real name Lauren. They have called me Monkey since before I was born. Mommy and Daddy always joked that they would have a little monkey cause Mommy has a round face with ears that stick out and Daddy is hairy: thus my nickname

6. My due date was November 4th. Mommy was excited cause that was her BFF's birthday but I had no desire to come. On November 11th I was a week late and I was still not even close to coming into this great wonderful world. Mommy was induced and I still didn't make my appearance until the next day November 12th. I fought on as long as I could. I don't know why I was so apprehensive to make it into this world, it rocks.

7. OK, I'm not sure what else to share about myself. Oh, I know. I get to spend every day with Daddy while Mommy is at work. It's pretty awesome. We go for a walk everyday and get to spend time with Stella Dog. Sometimes when Daddy can't do his music stuff at home he has to go up to the school. I love when he does that cause I get to hang out with all my college buddies. Yes, you heard that right, I have college age friends :)

OK, seven things about me ::check::

Now onto the hard part. How do I choose my 15 top blogs? I have so many that I enjoy reading with Mommy. But I'll do my best

This a a hodgepodge of blogs: mommy blogs, daddy blogs, serious blogs, funny blogs. Just stuff Mommy and I enjoy

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15. You Just Keep on Believing that One

15 blog nominated ::ckeck::

hope you enjoy some of these blogs :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

VLOG, Just for the heck of it

Monkey wanted to say hi!

Mommy Runs

Mommy and I have been running every day. She runs because it keeps her sane and helps her get in shape and I run cause she straps me in the stroller. On Saturday Mommy ran her first 5k since having me. I wasn't allowed to run cause the people in charge of the race don't like strollers and my feet were too tired to run a 5K. So while Mommy ran, I sat and watched.Mommy didn't run alone tho. She ran with my favorite non family member Kelsy :) She's the bomb diggity and I hope to be as tall as her one day :)*Mommy and Kelsy*

Yes, they are dorks. Although I do enjoy watching TheBigBangTheory too :)

While I was waiting for Mommy to finish her race, it started to rain! I don't know who forgot to let Mother Nature know, but I do not like the rain, not one tiny little bit.


Papa and Uncle Jeremy ran the race too, they beat Mommy by a ton, but she ran the race and I'm so proud of her for doing it. :)


Toad Suck Daze. For realz? I mean I've seen some strange things in my few months here on Earth, like this: But this weekend our town had it's spring festival that is all about TOADS!!! Toad races, toad master, toad jams, little miss toad and miss toad suck daze. Also you can get anything and everything you've ever wanted deep fried. Gator, pickles,Twinkies, coke, Oreos, chicken on a stick, etc. Lots of stuff that I can't eat! "Toads? This whole thing is about toads?"

I nomed on my toys as Mommy nomed on a frozen chocolate dipped banana (she said she ate it for you Auntie Ann) . The best part of TSD is all the crafts, especially the ones that focus on ME, the babe! Mommy bought me a new t shirt and some new bows, like this one:Me in my fancy new TSD shirt and another bow Mommy got me at the festival.

Mommy and Daddy brought me to the FAMOUS toad dome and got the all important pictures with the cutout toads and huge blown up toad. Mommy says it's not TSD without at least one picture :)

Mommy and I strolled through all the people and really enjoyed ourselves. I was really tired by the end so Mommy loved on me some :) always a good end to a day!

It's My Monthday, It's My Monthday

Monkey turned 5 months on April 12th. Like I said earlier, I've been really bad about publishing what we write here on our blog.

HAPPY 5 MONTHS OF LIFE TO ME!!!Can you really believe that I'm this old already! Mommy says next thing she'll know I'll be driving. (lets hope I get Daddy's car, it's cooler).

Here are the stats for me this month:
My weight is:16.6 lbs
My height is: 26 inches
My sleep pattern is sleeping from 6:30-7pm to 6:30-7 am. I take 2-3 1.5-2.5 hour naps a day, although sometimes I like to keep Mommy on her toes and skip naps all together
My eating habit consists of eating at 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 6pm. I eat 6oz at each feeding. I have been trying rice cereal at dinner a few nights a week.

This month I have learned how to roll from back to front and am now a rolling queen. If it was up to me, I'd roll around the living-room all day long . I got a squishy book from the Easter bunny and it has become my new favorite toy. I also discovered my feet this month and can now nom on them all day long, if I so wish.
I have also started teething, and let me tell all you grown people that are reading this, TEETHING IS THE DEVIL!!!! I know Mommy says I need to have teeth to eat cheeseburgers, but you know, I'm not so sure I want one anymore.

This month I did lots of fun things, some of them were firsts.

I got my first exersaucer and, dear lord it's so much fun! This is my favorite place to be, besides rolling around the living-room that is.

I went to my first dance this month. It was Daddy's jazz dance. He wore a tux and everything for me :)

Mommy and I had a picnic and then went swinging on the swings. I'm loving this summer weather :)

I went swimming for the first time and OMG it's so awesome! I thought bath time was awesome, this is even better cause you don't have to have your hair washed!

Lucy, Mommy and I went to the zoo. Lucy was trying to teach me to cluck like the chickens, all I could do was blow bubbles at those silly birdies.

Uncle Jeremy got a motorcycle this month, I can't wait until I am old enough to start riding it. It's really loud, but it didn't bother me one bit!

Mommy and I went on many, many walks and jogs this month. It's a favorite thing of mine for sure.

Easter was this month. It was my first one, duh I'm just 5 months and it only comes once a year, My favorite part of the whole day was my new shoes. I love my feet and shiny leather is fun to nom on.

Daddy took a lot of pictures this month of me, this is Mommy's favorite. She is dying to get it turned into a special piece of art, maybe for my 1st birthday.
Ok, I'm done with this post, I'm just going to go chill now. bye!

Nom Nom

This post is from a few weeks ago. I've been really bad about publishing the posts Lauren writes.

Well, guess Mommy and Daddy finally decided to let me try out this whole food thing they do every day. I've been watching them like a hawk as they nom down on chicken, steak and veggies. So I was pretty excited when Mommy said that I was going to get to try some food and have something besides just a bottle. :)

Well let me tell you, Mommy didn't pull out a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza but instead this bowl full of whit muss-she says it's rice.
At first I was all like "WOAH, THIS IS WEIRD!" I wasn't sure if I really liked it. Howerver, the more I had the more I liked it. :)"Hey, Daddy, This stuff isn't half bad"

I have now officially decided that rice cereal is the bomb diggity and can't wait to try out more of this food, even if I don't get to have a cheeseburger for quite awhile.