Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day in My Life

Well Daddy is done with school for the summer and Mommy only has two more weeks left of work before she is done for the summer so my days are about to be filled with 100% ME time. Mommy will get to spend all day long with me, with nothing to do but play and feed. Cause i mean really who needs clean dishes and laundry.

Some people wonder where I spend my days while Mommy is at work. Well, before Daddy finished school I would spend Monday and Wednesday with my Great Auntie and Thursday and Friday with my Grandma and Daddy made sure he had no classes on Tuesday so he stayed with me that day.
Now that Daddy is done with school my schedule is a bit different.

6:00am: I wake up for a bottle. Daddy usually feeds me while Mommy jumps in the shower. Daddy is great like that and Mommy is so glad he is does it.

6:30am: Finished bottle. Daddy goes back to bed and Mommy and I hang out for a bit. Mommy saw my first crawl on one of these mornings while she ate her Eggo and did her hair and talked to me. (she is the queen of multi-tasking)

7:15am: If Daddy is sleeping I go back to bed and just play in my crib. If he is up we watch morning news together as Mommy runs around doing last minute things for the day. Now that I'm crawling I usually chase Stella dog during this time.

7:25am: Mommy leaves for work.

7:25-10:00am: I play and sometimes I take a nap. If Daddy has music stuff to work on we go up to the college and I play there. I've lot lots of friends (yeah, I have college friends-I'm cool like that).

10:00am: Second bottle of the day.

10:45-11:00am: Daddy tries to put me down for a nap. I'm pretty 50/50 on the whole nap thing. Some days I love taking a nap and will nap for 2 hours, other days; not so much.

11:00-2:00pm: If i don't nap I'll just play. I get passed from one person at College to the next. I enjoy chewing on their clothes. Everyone that holds me ends up with a slobbery mess. It's my sign of love. :) I spend most of my time around the music department so Daddy is confident I'll grow up to be an amazing musician.

2:00pm: My third bottle of the day. I love to eat. Mommy and Daddy laugh cause I get so excited when I see the formula container. I'll start bouncing in their arms out of excitement. seriously y'all it is too cute!

2:30pm: If I haven't had a nap today Daddy and I will usually go home so I can sleep in my crib. If I have had a nap Daddy will keep working on his music and I'll play some more in his office.

4:15pm: Mommy gets home! If I'm still at College with Daddy, Mommy will come pick me up. Mommy and I will hang out for a few hours. She'll tell me about her day. (those school kids are crazy y'all)

6:00pm: I get my 4th and final bottle of the night. Mommy feed me and then we cuddle on the couch for a bit. I also hang with Daddy after my bottle. We love watching Mythbusters together. Jamie and Adam are so funny.

6:30pm: Bed time. I typically fall right to sleep or sometimes I will play with toys in my crib for a bit, but there are days that I am a holly terror and want nothing to do with bed at all. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH in no way am I going to go to bed. I will scream and holler till the neighbors hear me if I don't want to sleep. On those nights I stay up til 10:00pm and get an extra bottle.

Once I fall asleep I'm out for the night until 6:00am when it starts all over again.


  1. You're lucky she's a good sleeper. My nearly 11 month old still wakes up wanting something every night.

  2. Monkey's MomMay 25, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    Oh yes i couldn't imagine if Monkey didn't sleep through the night. She really is the easiest kids ever. Makes me terified to have a second one. lol

  3. What a fun blog to read! Your parents sure love you and take good care of you!