Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Look I won something! (I didn't even know I entered it)

Well well well. Look what mommy and I won. :) Our fabulous friends over at The Pretend Writer honored us with the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you! I am socked that I was honored with this award since I don't blog very often, but we love it anyways :) She is one of Mommy's twitter friends and is pretty fantastic :)

In order to accept this award Mommy and I have to do a few things:

Thank the person who gave you this award. ::ckeck::
Share 7 things about yourself.
Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!

So 7 things about me? Wow, since I'm only 6 months old that's going to be kida hard, but I'll do it non the less :)

1. I have started crawling. Actually it's more of an army crawl cause i can't get both my arms and legs to work together. Either way, I can move pretty well and love to chase after Stella Dog.

2. I have more than doubled my weight since birth. I don't know my exact weight cause when Daddy took me to my 6 month checkup he forgot to write my weight down. I know I am at least 17lbs tho (yes, I am a chunky monkey)

3. I will only take naps in my crib when we are at home. Mommy is always showing me pictures of other babies asleep on their mommies, sleeping on the ground or in a jummperoo. HA! Unless you place me in my crib it is not nap time (sometimes even if I am in my crib I decide it's not nap time.)

4. I am going to be a drummer when I grow up. Don't tell Daddy cause he doesn't think drummer are very smart but I love to beat on thing and I actually tap and stomp on beat to any music you play. (Thanks Mommy for putting headphones on your belly every night for me)

5. Mommy and Daddy call me Monkey. Only rarely do I hear my real name Lauren. They have called me Monkey since before I was born. Mommy and Daddy always joked that they would have a little monkey cause Mommy has a round face with ears that stick out and Daddy is hairy: thus my nickname

6. My due date was November 4th. Mommy was excited cause that was her BFF's birthday but I had no desire to come. On November 11th I was a week late and I was still not even close to coming into this great wonderful world. Mommy was induced and I still didn't make my appearance until the next day November 12th. I fought on as long as I could. I don't know why I was so apprehensive to make it into this world, it rocks.

7. OK, I'm not sure what else to share about myself. Oh, I know. I get to spend every day with Daddy while Mommy is at work. It's pretty awesome. We go for a walk everyday and get to spend time with Stella Dog. Sometimes when Daddy can't do his music stuff at home he has to go up to the school. I love when he does that cause I get to hang out with all my college buddies. Yes, you heard that right, I have college age friends :)

OK, seven things about me ::check::

Now onto the hard part. How do I choose my 15 top blogs? I have so many that I enjoy reading with Mommy. But I'll do my best

This a a hodgepodge of blogs: mommy blogs, daddy blogs, serious blogs, funny blogs. Just stuff Mommy and I enjoy

Charmingly Chandler

2. What the Blog?

3. Harper's Happenings

4. Heir to Blair

5. 365 Days: 30+Mommyhood

6. Mom-In-a-Million

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12. Waking Up Williams

13. Spilled Milk

14. Hormonal Imbalance

15. You Just Keep on Believing that One

15 blog nominated ::ckeck::

hope you enjoy some of these blogs :)


  1. Thank you very much.. your mommy is a sweetie!

  2. yay. now we know more about you. kenna and I watched your vlog again. she loves babies and would try to pick you up if she met you. im glad we know why you're called monkey -too cute!

  3. Thank you! I'm so excited. And now I'm off to watch your vlog. :)

  4. aww thank YOU! I feel speshul ;) and I'm with Diana, off to listen to the vlog which reminds me that I need to do another one... ok I'm off!

  5. Well now! This makes Tuesday even better. Thanks, Monkey! :)