Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This past week I got to hang out with my Nana and Papa and we finally got a picture with Great Grandpa, four fantastic generations all in one place.It was late, that's why I look sleepy: I was!Great Grandpa is funny and I love him so much!

Mommy has been lazy and hasn't helped me write a post in awhile, we promise to get one written about my trip to Nana and Papa's house over spring break.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My best friend

I love many people and have lots of friends. I mean Mommy and Daddy are the bomb-digity and Grandma,Grandpa,Nana and Papa are some of the coolest people around. Lucy Jewel almost makes the best friend mark, but to be honest my best friend doesn't stand on two feet, but uses all four to get around.

My best friend is Stella Dog... Just look at her isn't she awesome?
Stella and I have had a special bond since before I was born. Mommy says that once she found out that I was growing inside her Stella started following her around. She used to only sit next to Daddy on the couch but she soon started laying on the couch by Mommy, even following her into the bathroom when she had to pee.

The morning I was born, Stella made sure she told me she was ready for me to come home. Just look at this picture, isn't it just too sweet!Once I was born Stella was so excited to meet me. I slept in a pack and play in Mommy and Daddy's room at first and Stella would sleep right next to it. When I woke up to eat, she'd follow Mommy into the living room and lay by her feet as I ate. If I started to cry, Stella would come running to find out what was wrong and if Mommy or Daddy didn't respond quick enough to my cries Stella made sure they knew I was crying by running to find them. ::Back off, this is my kid::

Also, when we go for car rides, Stella used to look out the window but since I've been born she lays down in the back and keeps guard of me and my car seat.Every time I take a nap, Stella will nap next to my crib in my room and watches everything Mommy does as I get my diapers changed. She also loves to give me kisses and licks my hands, feet, face and head. :)
But my favorite thing Stella does it play with me on the carpet.
When I am on my play mat, Stella lays on the ground next to me watches everything I do. I can now reach out and grab at her and she doesn't mind my pulling on her ears or kicking her as I work out my leg muscles. ::Notice that my legs are moving so fast they blurred the picture::

I love my Stella dog and am so glad that I already have a best friend: who says that a dog is a Man's best friend, My dog is a Girls best friend. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The time Auntie Rebba and Uncle Chris came to visit

Auntie Rebba and Uncle Chris came down to visit me this weekend. They got here on Friday and since Mommy and Daddy had to work they took me on a field trip. This place was so cool, filled with a lot of flowers and people. I enjoyed watching all the people and eating the flowers (even tho Grandma tried to stop me from doing it)

Here are a bunch of pictures from out little outing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did the flowers. Oh and thanks Auntie Rebba, Uncle Chris and Grandma for all the fun.These flowers are so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Because these bunny ears are dumb, I'm not going to look at the camera.
The shirt don't lie...Auntie Rebba loves me.
I don't now how to tell you this, but Uncle Chris, but your head is naked.
I really do love my Grandma, I am just choking on all the flower smells
Get me out of this tutu!

I am a thinker...
Happy Baby

I love trying to stand
Happy Spring everyone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!
And yes, I am Irish!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 Months and Rolling

Happy 4 month birthday to me! ::Cue the birthday music::
On Friday I turned 4 months old-Mommy can't believe I'm already this old! Mommy was really sick so she couldn't help me with my blog that day, so here I am today letting you all know what all is going on with me and my 4 month old self.

Here are the stats for me this month:
My weight is:16.6 lbs
My height is: 26 inches
My sleep pattern is sleeping from 7-7:30pm-6-6:30 am at night and I take 2-3 1.5-2.5 hour naps
My eating habit consists of eating at 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. I eat between 5-6oz at each feeding

This month I am continuing to discover new toys and can now entertain myself for quite awhile on my play mat. I also LOVE music and will sit quietly through an entire music concert at Daddy's school. Jazz is my favorite!
One of my accomplishments this month is that I will now grab and pick up toys from my play mat. It is quite exciting that I no longer have to wait on Mommy or Daddy to hand me a toy that is within my reach.

This month I did lots of fun things. I went to a Jazz concert and a Concert Band concert and saw Daddy conduct the band for the first time! I also went to 3 Basketball games-Wow those people are tall! At at Basketball game:So much fun

I also got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa for a night while Mommy and Daddy went to a Music conference-Those two people are a lot of fun and I'm so glad they are my Grandma and Grandpa! I celebrated my first Valentines Day and attended a Mary Kay party for Mommy's friend Beth. Mommy and I also babysat Lucy for a night, we had a lot of fun and Lucy is my all time favorite buddy! On my 100th day of life (Feb. 20) I went to my first wedding-Mommy said that one day I will get to wear one of those beautiful white dress too!
My 100th Day
I went on my first walk with Mommy and Daddy-the most fun time of my life!


Today is Sunday, March 14 and i did one very amazing thing tonight! Mommy put me to bed after my last bottle. I am a belly sleeper and absolutely love it, but tonight I wanted to see what those pesky monkeys above my bed were doing so I tried to roll over and it is really cool! The only problem is that I don't like to sleep on my back so every time I roll over I scream and holler for Mommy to put me back on my belly. Then I roll back over and the whole cycle starts over again. :)
Mommy walked in the room and saw me on my back: Mommy I'm now a roller!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mommy is Sick

Mommy is sick, like really sick. She has this thing called Strep. Apparently strep is a sickness that doesn't allow Mommy to hold me, feed me or even kiss me. :( Strep is no fun at all! I miss Mommy... a lot, but Grandma has been taking care of for two days now so it's ok. :) I love hanging out with her. She is a lot of fun and always gives me the best kisses! We have been playing a lot and I like the crib at her house just as much as my crib at home so it's all good. I got to spend my 4 month birthday at Grandma's house (Mommy was sad about this) and Mommy will be helping me with my 4month blog in a few days when she is better.

Mommy's fever broke this morning so I get to come home tomorrow! I am so excited! I miss her so much! Daddy would take care of me today but he has school stuff all day long today-I thought Saturdays were Lauren days?!? One thing for sure I am ready to have both my Mommy and Daddy all to myself again (I'm sure they are ready to have me and my smiles back too).

I mean who wouldn't miss this face?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok, So Mommy said spring was going to be great! Well, she lied! Yes, I love the warm sun beating down on me, and walks rock-but she said NOTHING, and I mean nothing about spring=sickness. Ever since the weather turned warm my nose has been leaking, I've got this pesky coughing thing going on and I've not been able to enjoy sleeping through the night. :( Pooh on you spring!

Mommy took me to the doctor lady today and we had a great time. She looked in my throat, nose and ears and took this cool looking thing and listened to my lungs. Mommy was glad that doctor lady said I only have a small cold and I don't have to have any medicine.

Because I don't feel very well right now, I'm having a hard time sleeping and napping. I've been taking quite a few of my naps on Mommy which means the laundry is piling up but she doesn't mind. Also, at night I'm no longer sleeping through the night-I just want a little extra snuggle time with Mommy :)I'm sick, that's why I have snot and drool on my face- Ok, so don't judge. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cart Cover Givaway

Mrs B, over at feels like home just blogged about a great cart cover giveaway!! head over to her blog to enter!!! Good Luck
Wouldn't it be great if I had this when I went shopping with Mommy or Daddy?

Monday, March 8, 2010

The time Mommy almost burnt down the house

I've only been around a few months, but I have already learned how to know when dinner is ready. When dinner is ready there is this 'bell' that goes off. The bell sounds like this "FIRE, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, FIRE!" Every time that goes off, Mommy says "dinner's ready".

Yesterday was a long day for Mommy and I hadn't been the best baby around-I mean really who wants to nap on a beautiful day? I just wanted to holler at the world. Mommy doesn't seem to enjoy my screams so much.

Anyways, it was 3pm and Mommy was just getting to making some lunch for herself. Daddy was at school and I had FINALLY fallen asleep for the first time all day. Mommy made a sandwich, threw some fries in the oven, checked on me in the crib (I was so cute sleeping away) and went outside to empty the trash and try to clean the car out. Mommy came inside to get a trash bag and smelled smoke, at that moment the 'dinner bell' started going off. "FIRE, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, FIRE!" Mommy ran in the kitchen to see flames shooting out the oven, smoke filling the house, Stella Dog barking and running around the house excited the 'dinner bell' had gone off and I woke up screaming. I mean really how dare Mommy eat without me!

Mommy shut the stove off, grabbed me, threw me in the car seat and placed me on the porch. She then went inside opened the back door to get the smoke out and grabbed the fire extinguisher to put the fire out. By this time I was mad as can be that I was woken up from my beauty sleep and put outside, Stella Dog was running around the front yard excited that she was aloud out front and Mommy was coughing from the smoke.

Mommy figured out that the fire started because Daddy put some plastic handled grill tools in the bottom compartment of the stove. Daddy didn't realize that it wasn't a storage compartment but a broiler. Therefor when Mommy started the oven, the flames set the plastic on fire. Lesson learned: don't mix plastic and fire!

Thankfully it all worked out and no one was hurt, yes we may not have a stove that works anymore (we'll find out tomorrow when the repair man comes by) but Mommy is very glad that the 'dinner bell' worked and that Daddy made sure there was a fire extinguisher in the hallway.

Lucky for me, bottles don't need a stove to be prepaired. :)

The time Mommy didn't have the flu

Edit: This post is mostly for me so I can remember some of the details of Lauren's beginning. I have already forgotten so much.

One year ago today, Mommy and Daddy found out that their life was about to be changed forever. One year ago today, Mommy took her first pregnancy test and now here I am writing to you about it, so you can assume what the answer to that test was.
This is a story about Mommy's journey of incubating me.

Mommy had been going to the gym every night to get in shape. She had been running a few miles and then going to either yoga or step aerobics depending on the night. Mommy had gotten sick during one of her workouts and 'lost her lunch'. She actually thought that she worked out hard enough to do it, I mean the people on Biggest Loser do it all the time when they have a great workout. She was getting upset that even though she was working out she felt 'bloated'. Little did she know, I was swimming around inside her, making her tummy upset. :)

At School Mommy had been sick in the morning and afternoons, but she just chalked it up to being flu season and her working at a public school teacher. She even had Daddy get her extra Day and NightQuil. Mommy's school friends had been sick and a bunch of Mommy's students had been out sick. Why would she think it was anything but the beginning of the flu.

On March 7, 2009 Mommy's friend Beth had a engagement party, Daddy had All Region and couldn't come down to Conway so Mommy went by herself. Beth's future mother in law made a comment at the party about making sure Mommy didn't get pregnant until after Beth's wedding and Mommy let her know that it would be a few years before they started a family. (little did she know I was already 4weeks old). Mommy stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and came home Sunday March 8th after church. Daddy and his friends had been talking and they had come to the conclusion that Mommy was pregnant. Mommy walked in the door and Daddy said "You're either pregnant or going crazy" (apparently mommy had been a bit emotional and irrational). Mommy took the test and went to change into pj's. She was in the middle of putting on pj pants when she saw the 'pregnant' on the stick! She just stood their in shock-she had no idea what to say or do, she couldn't even finish putting on her pant. Daddy came around the corner saw Mommy's face and knew what the test had revealed.

Mommy didn't trust the first test so she took three more and they all came up positive. Daddy had to take a test for school that next day so Mommy called her doctor and made an appointment. Because Mommy and Daddy hadn't been trying to plan a family right now they were both a bit shocked, but Daddy said it would all be fine and he was actually a bit excited about the fact that we would soon be a family. It took Mommy a bit longer to get excited, but she soon became glad that she would be a Mommy and that she would have me in her life forever!

March 9th Mommy went to the doctor while Daddy was taking his test and the doctor said "Well, your pregnant." Mommy asked if she was for sure about that. I think Mommy was still in a bit of denial. The doctor said yes, you are indeed pregnant and probably around a month along. Mommy and Daddy called Aunt Sara and Uncle Travis and told her (on her birthday) that I was going to be coming into this world in about 8 months. They all went to dinner to celebrate both the discovery of me and Aunt Sara's birthday.

Mommy and Daddy told Nana about me at lunch on March 11 and Papa over the phone the same day. On March 14th Mommy and Daddy got together with Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the family at Aunties for a bbq and told them the good news with T-shirts that said "World's Best Grandma and Grandpa". Grandpa started jumping up and down and crying, he was very excited to know that I would be in his life soon.

Mommy had a rough time carrying me and had night sickens for the first 7 months and then had really bad acid reflux for the last 2 months. Mommy gained 34lbs and the extra weight was hard on Mommy's back and feet. Mommy had an aversion to meat the first trimester, but couldn't get enough fruit and Swanky's tacos. :D
Early on, Mommy and Daddy decided that they would use LJ as my initials. Daddy, Papa, Papa's Papa, and Lucy Jewel all share the LJ initials. Mommy and Daddy came up with two names: Lawrence Jacob for a boy and Lauren Joy for a girl. I already knew what I was but Mommy and Daddy had to wait until June 18th to find out that their little LJ was going to be Lauren Joy! I was a girl! Grandpa got to come with Mommy and Daddy to find out and they all cried-even Daddy, though he will say he didn't. Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa sent out 100's of texts with my picture and my name, letting everyone know I was a girl.

During the time Mommy was carrying me Mommy and Daddy quit their jobs, moved to our new town and Daddy started Grad school. Mommy went to every football game and sat with the band, I think that is why I like noise and music so much.
I was very comfy inside Mommy and had no desire to enter into this world (although now that I'm here I don't know why I was so afraid to come out-this place rocks!) and Mommy had to be induced when I was a week late. Mommy was induced on November 11th and I finally met Mommy and Daddy on the 12th. I'll write sometime later on my birth story.
A lot has changed in the last year, but Mommy and Daddy couldn't be happier that I am part of their life and that one year ago that little plastic stick said "pregnant". :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Great Outdoors

I went on my first walk today with Mommy and Daddy. The weather here in the South has been miserable, there has been more rain, snow and cold weather than typical. I mean really we're in the south- we shouldn't get over 12" of snow! Well today the weather was WONDERFUL! It was sunny and warm -this is the kind of weather I'm talking about! Since the weather was so nice Mommy and I decided that when Daddy got home from school we would take our first family walk.

We loaded up into Mommy's car with my stroller, a change of clothes, diapers,water, passies, toys, the camera and Stella Dog. Yes, we could have packed the kitchen sink but unhooking the plumbing takes too long. Mommy used to just throw Stella Dog in the car and head to the trail, now that I'm here it takes a bit of planning to head out the door.

I'm not sure who was more excited to take a walk, me or Stella Dog, but we sure were happy to be getting out of the house. Mommy, Daddy and I headed to the local walking trail and took a 100 mile walk, it was closer to 3 miles, but it felt like a 100. I enjoyed it for the most part, but near the end I realized that I hadn't taken an afternoon nap and got quite sleepy and grumpy.

I also discovered a fantastic new thing during our walk- the straps on my stroller! They taste like chocolate~ well I'm sure that's what chocolate must taste like since Mommy noms on chocolate like I nom my stroller.
Mommy and I are going to be making walks a common occurrence around here and we are both happy that spring is around the corner. Mommy has told me that the grass will be green, there will be leaves on the trees, flowers will start blooming and it will be warm and sunny most days!-I think I'm going to really enjoy this whole warm weather/spring thing.


When Mommy and Daddy found out they were having a girl (that's ME!) Mommy got excited about all the accessories that she would be able to put on me. Daddy wasn't to keen on the idea but was ok getting one, maybe two bows for me.
My First Bow

Well, three and a half months after my arrival....

Yes, I love bows! I also think the bigger the better! No, I don't want to be seen from space, but I do want to stand out in a crowd. :) Nana and Papa make fun of me and bug Mommy about all the bows, but I think they secretly love them too. Yes, I know a bow is not a necessity but I think a bow on a headband sets my entire outfit apart from the all to typical babies out there.
Well, now to the real reason I have been writing about one of my all time favorite things. My 'friend' Gigi's mommy over at As the Forest[e] Grows is hosting a fantastic bow giveaway! Wouldn't it be GREAT if I won all these fantastic bows?

They would fit right into my collection and look great with all of Nana's fantastic dresses she will be making me. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

So I no longer want to smile for the camera, and yes I always have drool on my face.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trying to figure this out!

Ok, so Mommy is trying to figure out how to do this whole blogging thing. From what I've observed she isn't very computer savvy (that's what Daddy is for). This blog will be from my perspective most of the time, but since I can't type yet Mommy will be helping quite a bit.
We have decided to start this blog to help Mommy and Daddy remember what goes on in our world and to keep track of me and all my changes.
I spend most of my day eating, playing, chewing on my fist, sleeping and hanging out with people. Life is Good!
Mommy is a substitute teacher and is still trying to find a full time job teaching.
Daddy is a full time graduate student getting his Masters in Music Conducting and working as a graduate student for the bands.
Our blog will be filled mostly with pictures and accounts of special events in our lives.