Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok, So Mommy said spring was going to be great! Well, she lied! Yes, I love the warm sun beating down on me, and walks rock-but she said NOTHING, and I mean nothing about spring=sickness. Ever since the weather turned warm my nose has been leaking, I've got this pesky coughing thing going on and I've not been able to enjoy sleeping through the night. :( Pooh on you spring!

Mommy took me to the doctor lady today and we had a great time. She looked in my throat, nose and ears and took this cool looking thing and listened to my lungs. Mommy was glad that doctor lady said I only have a small cold and I don't have to have any medicine.

Because I don't feel very well right now, I'm having a hard time sleeping and napping. I've been taking quite a few of my naps on Mommy which means the laundry is piling up but she doesn't mind. Also, at night I'm no longer sleeping through the night-I just want a little extra snuggle time with Mommy :)I'm sick, that's why I have snot and drool on my face- Ok, so don't judge. :)

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