Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vlog #3

Mommy and I have decided that we are too lazy to actually blog today, but we wanted to say hey and chat for a while so here's a vlog :) Enjoy!

Oh and Mommy wants y'all to know that fastly is indeed a word ;)


  1. Hi, Lauren. You are ssooooo cute!

    I'm glad that mommy-monkey time is coming soon!

  2. You two are so adorable :)

    Honestly, could watch it for hours

    (not a stalker)

  3. Hi, Lauren! You are sooooo cute! And your mommy is awesome!

    I am so glad that mommy-monkey time is soon! You'll have so much fun!

  4. I love it, as I was watching Ryann was yelling over Lauren. They'd get a long great. And thank you soooo much for my award! Come visit us and bring that cute mommy of yours :o)

  5. kira and kenna are excited for big girl food so you can have pancakes and bacon someday!
    kenna requests that we watch you again. she was watching with the biggest smile on her face. baby lover... kira likes your puppy