Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Heat

Y'all it's Summer down here in the south. It's hot outside, it's hot in the car and it's hot in the house. I'm like Daddy and even if the air is on I'm always warm so Mommy lets me crawl around in just a diaper. I love it, I feel so free and cool; however I wish she would listen to just one thing... NO PICTURES!


  1. No fair! They make us adults wear clothes!

    This is your lucky time!

  2. I wish Mommy would let me hang out in just my diaper! It's hot up here in the North, too - do you have humidity by you?

    Also, I have that same stacking ring toy. :)

  3. Cole: Yes, lots and lots of humidity. Luckily Mommy lets me go in just a diaper. :) And isn't the stacking ring toy the best toy ever. It is my new favorite