Saturday, June 12, 2010

Real Life

edit: this post was created yesterday, however in my lack of sleep I forgot to upload. Thankfully today Monkey is napping. :)

Signs that I have not napped:
  • I am over fussy
  • I pull on my ears
  • I rub my eyes
  • I want to be held 24/7
  • I have random melt downs
  • Dancing with Mommy doesn't make me happy (it is my favorite thing to do most of the time)
  • Mommy is tired
  • She has not showered
  • She has no makeup on
  • She is still in her pj shirt at 2:45pm
  • Her hair is in a ponytail
I'm on day two of nap strike. Mommy hopes I nap some tomorrow, cause I'm not being her happy baby that she's so used to.

Mommy and I talked about it and people comment to her that we always seem to have it all together and always look so put together so we decided to vlog in a not so glamorous state.

This is your warning:I have not had a nap. Mommy has not showered. It is 2:30pm.


  1. You both look great! Skip naps more often!

  2. Yeah, CJ isn't exactly fun without a nap, either - but as soon as I try to record the evidence to say "see, he's not just this cute little kid all of the time", he's a smiley little guy. Bastard :-p

  3. Nap time is a necessity... #fact