Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

I love this Man! He is my number one man in my life! His name is Daddy! He's been staying house sitting Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Sara's house while they are off on vacation and I haven't seen him in over a week cause he had/has something called shingle and I couldn't get around him. I have missed him oh so much, and sure was glad I could see him for an afternoon. :)

Mommy and I went over to visit Daddy and bring him his gifts. First we opened his cards, I made sure the envelops were taken care of. :)

Daddy's cards. Mommy and I picked them out at Hallmark. We spent a long time in that store, but there was a really nice lady that Mommy talked to and she played with me for awhile. I sure do love people.

I love paint! OMG it is so fun to play with. Mommy would paint my hand to 'sign' my Father's Day cards for Daddy and I would first try to eat the paint, cause I mean I want to know what EVERYTHING tastes like, but Mommy would take my hand and press it to the cards. Not as fun as eating paint, but still lots of fun. I giggled though the whole thing.

Next I helped Daddy open his presents I got him. I picked that bag out all my myself. Seriously y'all she did. We walked past the bags and she reached out and grabbed it. :)
Eating the paper.

This was the gift I made for Daddy. It was a travel bag for all his bathroom stuff. Those are my foot prints on there. They are a bit sloppy cause I had a hard time keeping my feet still. :) By the way, paint under baby toenails is hard to get out. Best way to get rid of is swimming in the pool.
Inside the travel bag I put all of Daddy's favorite candies. Mommy and I tried to make cookies but Mommy burned them.

After we opened Daddy's gift I played with Daddy and he saw me pull up and stand holding onto the couch for the first time. I love playing with Daddy he always makes me smile.

After we played for a while I helped Mommy cook Daddy one of his favorite meals, Chicken Pesto and Pasta. I got to eat some bread with dinner. I love bread and can't wait until one day when I get to eat the rest of that meal cause it smelled so yummy. :)

Happy Daddy's Day. I love you Daddy! You will always be the most important man in my life. You were the first one to hold me and that special bond will always be there. I may have gotten Mommy's personality but I got your looks and your love of music and rhythm. Thank you. You are the best in the world!


  1. Those a great pictures, Monkey! And sweet presents!

    For Daddy's day, I got a hat and polo shirt from my son. And a lot of attitude through the weekend. But we had fun anyway.

  2. I love your idea for signing the cards! Only a school teacher would think of that. I need to get ideas from you!

  3. Molly: yes, I do think in teacher mode a lot. lol :)
    BrerMatt:oh attitude. lol yeah not looking forward to that one day.