Friday, June 11, 2010

Nick Jr

Ok, y'all why didn't anyone tell Mommy about Nick Jr before today? These shows are great! So much better than Mommy's shows like Desperate Housewives, the Discovery Channel and Glee (although I do love to sing along to those songs on there). Mommy couldn't believe how fascinated I was by things like Wonder Pets and Little Miss Spider. I giggle and laugh out loud while watching the shows. I'm so glad that Auntie Sara showed us this channel, Thanks :)

Auntie Sara and I watching Wonder Pets


  1. Do you have the Sprout channel? It's PBS preschool stuff 24/7 like Nick Jr. We watch both at our house a LOT. Enjoy!

  2. CJ turns his head to find the "la la la la" of Elmo's world. I don't know what they're doing, but they've got kid's minds figured out.

  3. I need your email address and cannot find it anywhere - if you get time - email me:

    I miss you. Prayers.

  4. Mrs. D: I'm not sure if I have Sprout at my house. I'm staying at my cousins right now, helping her move. I'll check out Sprout tho thanks :)
    John: yes, monkey loves Elmo too. She discovered him over Memorial Day at my in-laws
    Mom: Thanks, I miss you too.

  5. Wonder Pets was Conner's favorite show when he was little bitty. Now he LOVES Dora. Nick Jr. and Noggin have saved my life=)